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Query:Claudia Ferradas Moi writes that:

"Ever since I phoned Eastgate systems on a visit to the US in 1994, I've been hooked on hyperfiction. I teach English as a foreign language in Buenos AIres, Argentina and Literature at EFL Teacher Traning College. ...I'm starting my dissertation I'd like to explore the possibilities of using "hypertext readers" in the EFL / ESL class. Are there any such texts available? Is anybody doing work on "graded" hyperfiction for readers whose command of English is limited?


Robert Kendall, author of A Life Set For Two, writes that his Web hypertext, Penetration will be exhibited next month at File 2001, an electronic language festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Penetration was first published in the Eastgate Reading Room. Congratulations, Rob!


Jim Andrews writes: "Canadian artists of the electric word are invited to apply to the Canada Council's Electronic and Spoken Word program. There will be two different juries in this program; one for the electronic word projects, one for the spoken word projects. The deadline for applications is 1 June 2002." Thanks, Jim!

Frederic Fortin reviews Lust by Mary-Kim Arnold for Techo.Pop.Culture Mag. He finds that "The writing of Mary-Kim Arnold is all insinuations and mysteries that invite the reader to discover -- to want to know -- more of these characters and partially-revealed circumstances," but wishes the work used multimedia to reveal more. In French.

McMaster University has announced a new BA Combined Honours Degree in Multimedia, the first such degree program in Canada. Twenty-two courses in all areas of new media will be offered, with an expected enrollment of 100-150 students.

Papers from the 8th WWW Conference (April 1999, Toronto) are now available on the Web. An email announcement list for WWW9 (Amsterdam, May 15-19, 2000) is now available.

Carolyn Guertin reviews Patchwork Girl (a hypertext fiction by Shelley Jackson) in the current issue of Other Voices.

Congratulations to Dr. Jamie Blustein, whose thesis on Hypertext Versions of Journal Articles: Computer-aided linking and realistic human-based evaluation is now available for download (postscript). An abstract is available.


The first Chilean hypernovel, Pentagonal by Carlos Labbé was published on 15 February 2002 at Hipertulia.


The Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau announces the IV Saln y Coloquio Internacional de Arte Digital (International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium) in Havana, Cuba. The annual event, which opens on 17 June 2002, exhibits work that represents the current field of digital art in Cuba and abroad, and convenes a series of meetings and discussions to encourage exchange and reflection among designers, artists, critics and scholars whose work is related to these new forms of expression. The exhibition has two juried components: a competitive exhibition of the work of resident Cuban artists, and an international exhibit, where the work of non-Cuban residents will be shown. Work selected by a jury of well-known artists and critics will be exhibited in the Sala Majadahonda of the Centro Pablo, galleries of the Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad, and in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Deadline: 1 May 2002. See also: Arte Digital Cuba.


Ricardo Mendoza, a visual artist, writer and publisher working in Valdivia (in southern Chile) reports that El Mercurio, a major Chilean newspaper, recently published an article on hypertext. (If anyone has a copy, Diane Greco at Eastgate Systems would love to see it.) Thanks, Ricardo Mendoza!


Hypertext guru Ted Nelson writes to say that he's just received a PhD from Kaio University, Japan. Congratulations, Ted!

Professor Antoni Ucerler (Sophia University, Tokyo) will deliver a paper, "Critical Hypertext Editions of Historical Sources: Notes from the Electronic Scriptorium," at the 15th annual conference of the Association of History and Computing (AHC). This international conference will be held in Poznan, Poland from August 28-31. Professor Ucerler writes:

I intend to use Storyspace for my presentation rather than PowerPoint. I am curious to see the reaction of the participants when I use a hypertext to talk about hypertext and its impact on historical argumentation.

The first Japanese retrospective of Mark Amerika's work is happening now at the ACA Media Arts Plaza in Tokyo, Japan. Avant-Pop: The Stories of Mark Amerika launched on 1 July 2001 and will run through September 10, 2001. Amerika is the creator or principial investigator of many Internet art projects including GRAMMATRON, PHON:E:ME, HOLO-X, ALT-X, and the recent How To Be An Internet Artist, all of which will be featured in the Tokyo exhibition. A complete catalogue will appear online in both English and Japanese translation.

Yugo Nakamura's Monocrafts offers some beautifully experimental kinetic typography integrated in a superb monochromatic color scheme. (Flash 4 required). Thanks kaliber10000.

The E-Book Japan consortium has annouced a 5000-book field test.

Hideaki Ohtani takes montage to great lengths in The font cockpit, a recent feature in Kaliber10000.

An interview with Ted Nelson -- including RealPlayer video clips -- appears in Screen Savers. Also new from Nelson is Ted Nelson's Computer Paradigm, Expressed as One-Liners. "HTML is precisely what we were trying to PREVENT-- ever-breaking links, links going outward only, quotes you can't follow to their origins, no version management, no rights management."


Congratulations to Hyunju Ryu, whose thesis was recently accepted for the first Doctorate of Literature degree in hypertext literature awarded in Korea.


Eastgate reports a surge in Storyspace downloads in Russia, perhaps arising from this interesting page. In Russian. Thanks, Gene Golovchinsky!


The National University of Singapore Scholars Programme website now contains over 4000 documents and is fast climbing to a million hits per month. Professor George P. Landow, Dean of the Core Curriculum Programme and Shaw Professor of English and Digital Culture at the National University of Singapore, and Professor of English and Art History at Brown University, is leading the project.

Hypertext pioneer George P. Landow keeps a visual personal journal and family album. It's interesting to compare Landow's album with Abbe Don's Bubbe's Back Porch and Dan Bricklin's log and Web Photo Journals.

Congratulations to George P. Landow, newly appointed Dean of the Core Curriculum at National University of Singapore.

Reports on the recent Singapore conference on MOVING TEXT INTO E-SPACE are now available, together with a photographic weblog. Of particular interest are several dozen essays and responses to the presentations, written by NUS students; many of these are quite thoughtful and interesting, perhaps especially when they disagree with the presenter.


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