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2001 Calendar

1 March - 3 March, 2001
IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Computer Games and Digital Textualities 2001

The primary goal of this conference is to gather young researchers from the Nordic countries working within the fields of digital aesthetics and culture and to help this community move from abstract generalizations towards more in-depth theorizing and discussion. The conference will take place over two days, with the first day dedicated to computer games, and the second day dedicated to various forms of digital texts and worlds. The conference chairs welcome papers that "seek to build a bridge between abstract theory and concrete studies of recent digital pieces of work.


1 March - 3 March, 2001
New London, Connecticut, USA
8th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology

Music Compositions, Presentations, Art Works, Theatre, Dance, Scientific Visualisations and Interactive Installations. THEME: FEEDBACK: Perception and Interaction in the Electronic Arts. Deadline for Submissions: 15th November

April 21-May 6, 2001
Boston, MA, USA
Boston Cyberarts Festival

The second annual Boston Cyberarts Festival will be held April 21-May 6, 2001. The Festival, incorporating exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their work, will take place at locations in the Boston area, across Massachusetts, and on the Festival's website. Volunteers are needed! Please email Sasha Costanza-Chock for details

April 28-29, 2001
Providence. RI, USA
Digital Arts and Culture

Perhaps the world's premier event of its kind, the frontier of research and the arts. The program for DACCULTURE 2001 is available. Keynote speakers are Stuart Moulthrop and Ted Nelson. April 27-29, 2001, in Providence RI. Register before April 2 to qualify for a discount. Visit the Conference website.

May 1-5, 2001
Hong Kong
WWW 10

The tenth international World Wide Web Conference. Paper Deadline: November 13, 2000

May 17-20, 2001
Muncie, Indiana, USA
Computers and Writing

"What technologies have we adopted out of necessity, what are our current choices, which directions should we follow, and which pitfalls should we avoid?" Proposals for individual presentations, panels, workshops, and round tables are welcome. Submit your proposal via the conference website by Oct. 17, 2000.

May 22-23, 2001
Brooklyn, NY, USA

A conference and exhibition focusing on the digital publishing industry. Includes speakers and panelists from Time Warner, Xlibris, Random House, Harper, and Eastgate's own Mark Bernstein.

29 June- 1 July, 2001
Watershed Media Centre, Bristol (UK)
Game Cultures

the first UK academic conference on the subject of computer games...A starting point for the conference is that computer games will be to the 21st Century what cinema has been to the 20th. What is certain is that games will continue to develop, cross fertilising with existing media forms to create new hybrids ; interactive cinema, shared online experiences, an entirely new aesthetic. We would welcome contributions around the three key strands for the weekend: the emergent computer games industry, "the game as text", and players and users. Informal enquiries via e-mail:


25-30 June
Tampere, Finland

ED-MEDIA 2001, an international conference for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia/hypermedia and distance education, will be held on 25-30 June 2001 in Tampere, Finland. Early registration and hotel reservations are due May 16.


8-10 July 2001
Digital Resources in the Humanities

Digital Resources for the Humanities 2001, is an interdisciplinary conference for scholars, teachers, publishers and broadcasters, librarians, curators and archivists, and computer and information specialists, and others involved in, and affected by, digitization of cultural heritages. This year's conference will be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, from 8-10 July 2001.


August 14-18, 2001
Aarhus, Denmark
Hypertext 2001

The premier hypertext research conference. Sponsored by ACM SIGWeb.


September 15-16, 2001
San Francisco, CA
eNarrative 3

The third in Eastgate's acclaimed eNarrative series. To prepare for eNarrative 3, Eastgate has launched a series of eNarrative profiles. Each profile spotlights a Web designer or Flash artist who is also an eNarrative roundtable participant. The first profile is of dane, the award-winning author of him (in the Eastgate Reading Room).


September 20-21, 2001
University College, London
New Technologies for the Arts and Humanities

New Technologies for the Arts and Humanities will be held at the Institute of Romance Studies, University College, London. Speakers include George Landow and Massimo Riva.


September 28-29, 2001
Erfurt, Germany
p0es1s 2001

To discuss the achievements and functions of texts specifically designed for digital media. Speakers include Eastgate's chief scientist Mark Bernstein, Mark Amerika, Florian Cramer, John Cayley, Karin Wenz and Eduardo Kac.


November 7-11, 2001
Graz, Austria
5th Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture

The 5th Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture focuses on current trends in urban architecture, technology and culture. If you can't make it to Graz, you are invited to take part in the Biennal-Layers program, a "virtual lab" that links the Biennial's events to the larger Web community.


November 10, 2001
Nottingham, UK
trAce Technology-Free Day

The trAce program at Nottingham Trent announces Net.Work Day, a a "technology-free" day organized by the trAce Online Writing School. The focus is on "making the internet work for writers and artists." The programme will include talks, exchange of useful information, and plenty of networking. To be held Saturday, 10 November 2001, Clifton Campus, The Nottingham Trent University, UK.


December 18-20, 2001
Venice, Italy
Euro Web 2001

Euro Web 2001 will be held 18-20 December in Venice. The conference focus is: The Web in Public Administration.

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